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From April to November, Thomas bo Henriksson opens his studio in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, to present a great series of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events for you.

We also collaborate on multi-media events with our fellow Wiesenburgers
Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

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Thomas bo Henriksson

will be using the Werkhalle as his studio until September.

Studio open days when visitors are welcome  12.00 – 21.00:

May 28 / 29
June 25 / 26
July 30 / 31
August 27 / 28


Ludwig Mogensen Parsum + William Bach Gislinge

kartoffelmos og aspargessuppe

30th July  8pm

kartoffelmos og aspargessuppe

Two young Danish musicians, Ludwig Mogensen Parsum and William Bach Gislinge (Straight out strange), have unique voices and fantastic stage presence and we are happy to have them back in the Werkhalle. As “kartoffelmos og aspargessuppe” they play their own pieces, improvisations and covers.

Classical Sunday with Johannes Ascher and Friends

31st July  7pm

Johannes Ascher – 7against6
Robert Schumann – String Quartet No.1, Op. 41, first Quartet for 2 Violins, Viola and Violoncello

Music for self-constructed and manipulated instruments and Live Electronics

24th August | 8pm

Trombonist and composer David Dove from Houston and multimedia artist Gudinni Cortina from Mexico City will be in Berlin on Aug. 24 as part of their tours.

They are part of the international music scene of composer-performers, musicians who explore new forms of instrumental playing and develop music from yet unknown sounds. They play their instruments with individually developed new playing techniques. Unusual and new sounds are created through the manipulation and reconstruction of traditional instruments, or the construction of new sound sources. All musicians participating in the project  perform worldwide and have been playing together in various constellations for many years.

hdaviddove.bandcamp.com/ ; www.namelesssound.org/

The History of the Wiesenburg

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