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Events 2017


Power Monkey Fire Fest | Bone Zeno & Das Flüff | Wiesenburg Festival #2Bone Zeno | Hand Pan Day

Power Monkey Fire Fest

20th October 2017

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Power Monkey Fire Fest

The Power Monkey Fire Fest in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg: an evening of experimental sound art performances, body movement, analogue and digital synthesizers, dancers, dj’s and what not…


Encrypted Midget | Mothermarie | DJ. JCAK | EMMA X | Brian G Gilson | Power Fire Monkey Robot | Søren Krag | Evil Twins | Peanut Butter Jelly-G | Dennis Tuomi | Thomas Bo Henriksson

and more…

Bone ZenoDas Flüff

29th September 2017

live performance in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg
with burlesque acts:
Viva Lamore

Martini Cherry Futter

Events - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Bone Zeno & Das Flüff Concert / Konzert

Bone Zeno combines Berlin Krautrock, Avant-garde inspirations and Teutonic-edged vocal with primal, tangible demeanour. As an artist, he sums up the complexities of music, noise and frenzied stimuli, reaching at times into dark mental recesses. The result is troubled yet rousing and delivered with a dose of humour; an art rock baroque frenzy.’

Bryony | louder than war
Bone Zeno at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin | 29th September 2017


Das Fluff are an Electro-Pop outfit specialising in the dark, stark and sensual. Adding punk edge to the surging beats of Numan and Depeche Mode-inspired electro, with a bit of Throbbing Gristle chucked in for good measure, front woman, Dawn Lintern, delivers her raw and laid bare lyrics with a snarl that draws you in while pushing you away.’

Martin-John | hitthefloor
Das Flüff at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin | 29th September 2017


Wiesenburg Festival #2


On September 8th & 9th 2017, the Wiesenburg held its second summer festival.

The Werkhalle Wiesenburg hosted some of the events. The Schroekleloecks performed exciting acrobatic theatre and Jesus Herrera gave a beautiful acoustic concert.  Dennis Tuomi made music from unexpected materials with children who also drew the winning tickets for an art raffle. And all this against the background of Chiasm, the exhibition by Marcus Matt and Niklas Randau.

Events - Wiesenburg Festival #2 - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Bone Zeno 

‘Black Milk’

1st June 2017

‘Avant-garde blues outlaw Bone Zeno is a one-man firestorm of insistent beats and growling guitar riffs as gritty as broken glass in a gutter.’

with burlesque acts
Viva Lamore 

Martini Cherry Furter

Go get the album!!!

Check out Bone Zeno on youtube | soundcloud | website | facebook

Events - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Bone Zeno in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Fantastic live performance for the release of BONE ZENO’s album, BLACK MILK. A high-energy evening of wild music, gritty vocals and dancing.

“A kick-ass one-man-blues-terror-band kept for far too long in a damp basement in London’s Murder Mile where he developed an angry Delta-Punk… You have to see it to fully experience the force of this return of Trash Blues.” –Last FM

“With his Tom Waits growl, he delivers rasping blues good enough to make you question whether it really is a spent force…” – Artrocker Magazine



Hand Pan Day

6th May 2017

organised by Kiza Lang

Events - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin- Hand Pan Day / Tag

Hand Pay Day in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Hand pan concert with international musicians, David Kuchermann, Kalin Nivaux, Kieren, Rania Badri, Mandakini, Christian von Storch, Alex Mercks (Yateo) and Manfred Sperling During the evening guests had the opportunity to play the handcrafted steel pans made by Kieren Langdon of Pan Chameleon and even had the chance to win one!

Pan Day at Werkhalle Wiesenburg | Die Wiesenburg Berlin | 6th May 2017