crossings and meetings
18th August – 6th September 2017

Marcus Matt


Niklas Randau

Chiasm - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

In ‘Chiasm’, Marcus Matt and Niklas Randau present works shown in their graduation exhibitions at Malmö Art Academy. They have followed each others work for seven years and are exhibiting here for the first time together in a new, fragmented constellation.

‘The paintings’ gazes meet and cross. Speaking sometimes softly, sometimes polemically, they exist in this space in conversation. They make it their own. They are not a family, but might become friends. Some intentions are shared while many are not. They are connected by paint.’

‘It has been a pleasure to follow the development of Niklas Randau and Marcus Matt, from very talented young men with great aspirations, to grown-up artists who make astonishing paintings.’

Bo Thomas Henriksson

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