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Events 2023

Trickster Sound Group


Immerse yourself in a world of sounds and colours. Ambient music, live acrylic animation.

Beyond the city walls, there is the sky above our heads and a world of fantasy and dreams that lives in each of us. Our multi-genre art project aims to convey a sense of who we really are.
Our musical performance is a magical collage created by electronic and live instruments. At the same time, the music is transformed into colourful images under the hands of an animation artist.

Acrylic animation | vocals, flute | guitar & electronic synthesiser

Thea Olga Michael Elke Espert Evgeny Hoffman Shara Shozz

Resonance Art Trio


The “Resonance Art Trio” consists of the members Marc Kopitzki on viola, Franziska Aller on double bass and Moritz Ebert on cello. The three musicians got to know each other at the summer course of Resonance Teaching in 2018. Since spring 2019, they have been playing together regularly and continue to be trained in various forms of improvisation (free improvisation, jazz and folkloristic music) by the founder of the Resonance Teaching Thomas Lange. In the process, the “Resonance Art Trio” is constantly expanding its repertoire and is incessantly on the lookout for new musical influences.

The three members are also active outside of their formation in other bands and ensembles that are in contact with free improvisation and improvised music (including “Stegreif, “Ebert & Meyerhöfer”, “Conic Rose”, etc.). Exposed to these diverse and unique influences, the trio continues to develop the possibilities of improvised music.

Hybrid Sonic Biotopes für Field Recordings & Konstruktion#4


Peter Cusack (Field Recordings) / Annette Krebs (Konstruktion#4)

Konstruktion#4 is a electro-acoustic live assemblage of metal pieces, strings, objects, microphones, tablets and sensors. Like through a microscope, microphones make audible the finest, otherwise inaudible sound shades and colours of the sound objects. Particles of sound and noise are transformed into neo-systopian organisms, sonic biotopes and hybrid sonic landscapes.

Peter Cusack is “DJ ing“ field recordings that he has recorded in many different places, live via a tablet (Lemur) to abstract soundscapes that sometimes remind of electronic music.
peter-cusack | sounds-from-dangerous-place

In Duo, the sounds of Fieldrecordings, Konstruktion#4 and Werkhalle Wiesenburg itself are transformed into abstract, surreal and hybrid-organic resonating sonic landscapes.

Bryan Eubanks | Stephen Flinn | Simon Rose


Flinn and Eubanks continue their explorations which began in 2020.

Stephen Flinn is a composer, performer, and improviser who performs throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States. As well as being an accomplished percussionist, he works with unusual sound sources, including self made instruments and found objects. Stephen is based in New York City, NY.

Bryan Eubanks (*1977, USA) entwickelt seine Musik sowohl solistisch als auch in Kollaborationen. Seit 1999 hat er an zahlreichen kurz- und langfristigen Projekten teilgenommen und stellt seine Arbeit regelmäßig international vor. Er ist ständig in verschiedenen Kontexten aktiv: Improvisation, Komposition elektronischer und akustischer Werke für kleine Ensembles, Soloinstrumente, Computer und Elektronik, Organisation und Kuration von Konzerten für andere Künstler, Bau elektronischer Instrumente. Derzeit lebt er in Berlin.

Bryan Eubanks (b. 1977, US) develops his music through solo work and collaboration. Since 1999 he has participated in many short and long term projects, and regularly presents his work internationally. Continually active in a variety of contexts: improvisation; composing electronic and acoustic works for small ensembles, solo instruments, computers, and electronics; organising and curating concerts for other artists; building electronic instruments. He currently lives in Berlin
simonrose |

Stephen Flinn (US) – percussion, gong
Bryan Eubanks (US/DE) – saxophone electronics
Simon Rose  (UK/DE) – Baritone Saxophone

Guilherme Rodrigues

Improvisierte Musik


This ensemble explores the concepts of acoustic improvisation.
Made up of viola, flute and cello, the music produced by the trio creates intimate atmospheres with special attention to detail in textures and sounds in a small chamber ensemble setup.
Silence and acoustic space are two important factors in the match between acoustic materials.
The sound breaks out of the silence to dive back into it.

Ernesto Rodrigues – viola
Carlos Bechegas – flute

Chatschatur Kanajan

Wiesenburg in my Life – 7 Fragments


For 7 years, the Werkhalle Wiesenburg has been an artistic laboratory for me with the best acoustics and the greatest freedom and at the same time a family with outstanding personalities and blatant freaks. On my birthday, I invite you to a feast for your ears, eyes and not least your palate.

Kalimba, violin, 7-string electric violin, prepared piano, electronics and video

Classical Sunday
Shasta Ellenbogen


Shasta and friends play a selection of her compositions.



Electroacoustics celebrates the possibilities of creating acoustic music material and compose it through processing.The speaker membrane as final element to the procession becomes an extension of the string, drum skin, the field recording – and the imagination of what music as time art can express. The evening presents 4 musician on their individual set ups as a collective composition: Jeff Surak tape and electronics, Sofia Borges drums and electronics and Kris Kuldkepp and Klaus Janek double bass and electronics.

Jeff Surak – tape and electronics
Kris Kuldkepp & Klaus Janek – double bass and electronics
Sofia Borges – drums and electronics

Ensemble Treffen Um Die Ecke
spielen Musik von Philip Corner


Set 1:
Hilary Jeffery
presents a sequence of pieces taken from Philip Corner’s recent collection of compositions:

“The Art of No-Art” (2022), Los Angeles: Recital Program 

Philip Corner recently sold his old Swiss alphorn to Hilary Jeffery and subsequently sent this book for him to explore and play from, suggesting that some pages should work on 3 or 4 octaves of the instrument, with glissandos interpreted as sweeps through the harmonic series. Although the compositions in this book are originally conceived for piano exploring multiples of one key on several octaves, many lend themselves to other instrumentations. Hilary has selected a sequence of these pieces, combined together for a complete programme of solo alphorn with trombone interjections. Hilary originally recorded a series of trombone pieces by Corner together with his teacher James Fulkerson which was released on the CD “Extreme Positions” (2007), New World Records.

Set 2:
The first ever performance by a new ensemble dedicated to performing  the music of Philip Corner – Ensemble Treffen Um Die Ecke (ETUDE). Corner’s music present creative challenges to musicians in a playful and immediate way. His compositions dive deep into the material of music and its transcendental qualities.To play his music is to take music very seriously, in a lighthearted and fun way. This new ensemble will also play pieces from “The Art of No-Art” and more. This is their first musical meeting, and a pilot for future long term projects. 

Hilary Jeffery – alphorn, trumpet, trombone
Theresa Patzschke – flute
Eleni Poulou – synthesizer, baglama
Simon Rose – baritone saxophone
Zsolt Sőrés – viola

Wiesenburg Quartett

“The art of thinking and performing music simultaneously“.
With these few words, the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians described the musical phenomenon of improvisation in 1954. It’s as simple as that!
Improvisation thrives on the moment, but also on understanding each other and exchanging ideas. The constant search for new musical partners is part of this process. This creates new colours on the palette of individual expression. Here is a fresh quartet from the marvellously creative pool of this city.
Lina Allemano – trumpet
Beat Keller – feedbacker electric guitar
Matthias Bauer – double bass


European Tour

“Rarely has a performance by a string ensemble moved me so much and, to be honest, blown me away.”
Michelle Phillips (RNCM)

String Duo

Chatschatur Kanajan – violin
Marie Takahashi – viola

Haruka Sasaki & Ernst Bier – Sound Painting Performance


Improvisation – Sound Painting Performance, in collaboration with Jazz drummer Ernst Bier and Japanese painter Haruka Sasaki (Sumi-e painting). The two artists inspire each other in the space of the “moment”; improvise their new creations with sound, art and movement in the art space of Werkhalle Wiesenburg.

The Room of Eyes: Mabon


FridaY is a Berlin-based artist, DJ, music journalist and radio producer and host. Her musical influences range from rave & sound system culture and UK bass to post punk and experimental electronic music. She is a co-founder of a genreless mix series FOAD and works for London’s THREADS radio where she hosts shows and produces live streams in Berlin.

Frankie (Franziska Aigner) works at the intersection of music, philosophy and performance. She studied at P.A.R.T.S., the school of choreography and dance in Brussels directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and has performed her own work at theatres and festivals across Europe. Frankie worked with the artist Anne Imhof on the performances Deal (2015), Rage (2015), and Angst (2017), as well as FAUST (2017), which was awarded the Golden Lion at the 2017 Venice Biennale.

Alice Colley is a Berlin based violinist, singer and performer, originally from London. Her performance works utilise fictional characters to create narratives. Her works deal with themes of self care and the wellness industry, ghosts, the occult and online dating manifesting through violins, vocals, found sounds and dark electronics.

:: Les Marquises + Emilio Gordoa


A sonic encounter between the Belgian duo “Les Marquises”, formed by Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier, and the Berlin-based Mexican vibraphonist Emilio Gordoa.
This alchemy of sounds and personalities promises a highly evocative concert of experimental music in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg.

Chess Music


Chess Music is a captivating interface between art and music, in which every note is a move and every melody a strategic decision. We experience a dynamic interplay of sounds, just like in a game of chess.

Guilherme Rodrigues – Cello
Jung-Jae Kim – tenor saxophone
Stephen Flinn – drums
Axel Dörner – trumpet



Jean-Luc Guionnet – saxophone
Axel Döner – trumpet



Han-Earl Park – guitar
Kriton Beyer – daxophone

Udo Mader  – Einmannorchester


Everyone as strange as he can.”

Udo Mader grabs every tradition by the collar and shakes it until something decent comes out of it again – like the old song, for example. (Wilfried Happel)

The love of the thing, which is noticeable among other things in a due measure of curiosity, but also in an unwillingness to compromise, has made Udo Mader grow over the years into an amazing performer, whose presence at live performances releases real energies. (number)

Cattle jazz or something like that. (taz)



Concert of instant compositions based on graphic artwork by Holger Bey

Marie Takahashi – viola
Khachatur Kanajan – violin

Gato/Rößler – Improvisationen


Isabel Rößler is a jazz bassist and improviser. After studying music in Nuremberg and Tallinn, she has been living in Berlin since 2019, where she is active in the lively improvisation scene. She is a member of the big band “The Omniversal Earkestra”, which performs her own compositions as well as style-defining arrangements from the world of jazz. In addition to numerous collaborations with local and international artists, she has toured Germany and Eastern Europe with her trio “Flut”.
João Gato is a saxophonist in the field of jazz/free jazz and free improvisation. After graduating from the ESML (Lisbon), where he studied with Gonçalo Marques, Afonso Pais and Desidério Lázaro, he released his first album “Prötzeler” with his group Apophenia, which was published by Robalo and described by magazine as “one of the big surprises of 2022”.

João Gato is a saxophonist in the field of jazz/free jazz and free improvisation. After graduating from the ESML (Lisbon), where he studied with Gonçalo Marques, Afonso Pais and Desidério Lázaro, he released his first album “Prötzeler” with his group Apophenia, which was published by Robalo and labelled “one of the big surprises of 2022” by magazine.

Gato/Rossler at Werkhalle Wiesenburg

Leize Jenius – Faces and Voices


Our self-perception in image and sound has experienced a radical intensification in recent decades through the conquest of all kinds of mobile communication machines. Video calls have become part of everyday life. Never before have we been exposed to so many faces of others and especially our own. We have become accustomed to studying our face at leisure, finding a perfect position of the head just before we want to capture a selfie. Voice messages make us hear our voice more and more often, most of the time we don’t like it.
Has this changed our social appearance, especially facial expressions and voice? Are we trying to present ourselves more favourably, nicer, smarter and cooler?
Participating artists: Anna Clementi (IT/SE) | Thomas Henriksson (SE) | Lev Khesin (DE) | Arryn Snowball (AU) | Pakhom (DE) | Chaschatur Kanajan (DE) |Heather Allen (UK/DE) | Leonid Sokhranski (DE) | Ricardo Wende (BO) | Sarah Woelker (DE) | Wolf Son (DE

Leize Jenius at Werkhalle Wiesenburg