Classical Sundays

Making Classical Music Great Again!

Classical Sundays is a classical concert series started in 2016 by Shasta Ellenbogen, run at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg every two weeks. The Irresistible Wiesenburg Ensemble takes Classical Music as far away as possible from the concert hall and the old school etiquette and turns it into something, well… FUN!
Trying to make classical music cool or fun in any kind of way is pretty much an oxymoron. It’s been tried time and time again by countless festivals and artists, and never succeeded. The unfortunate result of doing something like putting a classical concert into a club, is for the most part, just inviting the usual elderly audience to a new location.
No, no, no. What the IWE do is something a lot deeper. They change the way they connect to each other, the way they rehearse, and the way they play — so that they can truly reach new audiences from the inside out. They reject the classical world’s stiff standards of beauty and reach for something new. They eschew perfectionism and show people just how cool they find classical music. The trick? They rehearse only once. For every concert. And with this, they give you their vulnerability, their spontaneity, their fun — and let the audience behave however they want! — and the result is an amazing, new, healing and powerful experience for everyone involved.
Come join them for an unforgettable evening every second Sunday at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg! Check the events on our home page for dates.

“Damn! I never knew Ravel was so… so… good!”

new (younger) visitor to Classical Sundays

The Irresistible Wiesenburg Ensemble

consists of Shasta and an ever-changing line-up of her colleagues, all professional musicians. They include:

Nur Ben Shalom, Artiom Shishkov, Marketa Janouskova, Emilia Lomakova, Semion Gurevich, Edi Kotler, Ohad Cohen, Davis West, Ling Show Lee, Leo Thouvenin Masson, Marie Claire Schlameus, Adam Goodwin, Katarzyna Szydlowska, Frans van Schoonhoven, Elisabet Iserte Lopez, Juliette Beauchamp, Rafael Landzbaum, Matthias Haase, Elliot Seidman, Morris Kliphuis, Martin Perret, John Robinson Young, Eva Sarcletti, Olga Caceanova, Dilhan Kantas, Liron Yariv, Mischa Meyer, Amane Horie, Natasha Jaffe, Chatstchatur Kanajan, Lilia Keyes, Anna Eichholz, Alice Dixon, Mia Bodet, Simon Goff, and Tornike Ugrekhelidze.

Mendelssohn, Octet for Strings (excerpt), 27th October 2919

The final concert from The Irresistible Wiesenburg Musicians for this year. We’re looking forward to their 4th season in the Werkhalle starting in April 2020. You can still see them at other locations in Berlin over the winter – check out their Facebook page.

Beethoven, Razumovsky Quartet Quartet (excerpt), October 13th 2019

Schönberg, Der Verklärte Nacht (excerpt), September 29th 2019

Dvořák, American String Quartet (excerpt), September 15th 2019

Stravinsky Three Pieces for String Quartet (excerpt), August 25th 2019

Mozart Quartet in D minor K. 421 (excerpt), August 25th 2019

Brahms Clarinet Quintet (excerpt), August 11th 2019

b/w photos: Yannik Delez | colour photos/sound: Heather Allen

Tchaikovsky, Souvenir de Florence (excerpt), July 7th 2019

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