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Events 2020


10th October

CD-release concert in the Werkhalle of Silento’s album Piedra y camino with an exhibition of the illustrations that are part of the new album.


9th October

P600, the music project, utilises factors related to research into event-related potential (ERP) as a premise to create conceptual and graphic scores for music/sound. Consisting of three musicians and one sound director, P600 experiments with a range of acoustic, electro-acoustic, and acousmatic sound. Each musician acts as an independent sound source, but also sends an audio signal to a main mixer. The sound director manipulates and spatializes their sounds, via the mixer and quadraphonic loudspeakers, according to a score. This is equally inspired by Dub Reggae producers and Stockhausen, in that the mixer becomes an instrument.

P600 are: Luca Marini (drums), Klaus Janek (contrabass/electronics), William “Bilwa” Costa (electronics/objects), and Nicolas Wiese (sound direction/mixer/feedback)

Der Bärenhunger

4th October

Marionette Theatre for Kids

Die Bärenhunger, a 20-minute puppet show performed by Petra and Katja Kleefeld
followed by
pieces by Beethoven, Gershwin, and Johann Strauss performed by the Classical Sundays crew

Shasta Ellenbogen and colleagues perform the intro to the performance

Will the bear get to the honey?

Into Sound

2nd October

The presentation of a new concert for 3D electronic music under the new name “Into Sound”!

No live-performance, no video-projection or light installation.Just a circle of loudspeakers in which you can fully concentrate on the music.A wonderful, fascinating and unique experience with sounds flying around you can nearly touch.

With electro-acoustic compositions for a quadrophonic setup from Donna Maya, NOTpilatus, Copilco, STX, Matthias Strassmüller, Mila Chiral and Ioka.

Kaiserin Augusta Band

25th September

The Kaiserin Augusta Band was founded during the Corona lockdown in the house where most of the musicians in the band live on Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee in Berlin-Mitte.

Emilia Lomakova – vocals, piano, composition, cello
Noga-Sarai Bruckstein – violin, vocals
Judith Campmann – harp, vocals
Christian Müller– trumpet, vocals
Magnus bang Olsen – electric bass

Fundbüro Berliner Dinge

Arne Schmelzer

25th September

Book launch and reading

* Presentation of the book with a 30-minute reading by Arne Schmelzer.
* 10-15 minute reading of a text by Jannes Riemann.
* Berlin chansons by Claire Waldoff, sung by Arne, with accordion accompanied by Ludwig Schubert

Super Strings Freeday #3

18th September

Golden Strings

Adam Goodwin & Chatschatur Kanajan bow, pluck, scratch, caress or crush strings to produce a unique range of sounds that must be heard live to be fully experienced!

Super Strings Freeday #2

11th September

Strings and Movement

Tatsumi Ryusui: electric guitar, electronics
Adam Goodwin: Double bass
Keisuke Sugawara: Movement
Tatsumi Ryusui and Adam Goodwin have worked together on musical projects over the past seven years, both as a duo and in their former band Elmer Kussiac. Musically, they create a floating web of atmospheric textures and hypnotic drones, which feels more like a newly embodied universe than a musical composition.
Tatsumi Ryusui and dancer Keisuke Sugawara have also worked together continuously over the past few years, mixing Sugawara’s fluid and sometimes restless movements with Ryusui’s dreamlike soundscapes.
Now these three forces are coming together for the first time as a trio, combining their unique approaches to sound and movement into a coherent, multi-sensory spectacle.

Gabrielle Dumkow & Darren Saady

6th September

Open Rehearsal

Wagner ‘Wesendonckliedern’
Our Wiesenburger house mezzo-soprano Gabrielle Dumkow sings Wagner accompanied by Darren Saady on piano.

SOMMERFEST in the Wiesenburg

31st July – 2nd August

Wiesen 55 e. V. Tanzhalle & Werkhalle Wiesenburg SOMMERFEST in the Wiesenburg.
Dance performance, concerts, art installations, exhibition, guided tours recalling the history of the Wiesenburg, once the most progressive homeless shelter in Europe!

Experimental music from Chatschatur Kanajan & Alyssa

Ludwig Parsum acoustic concert

FUR, contemporary dance with Aya Toraiwa, choreography Isabelle Schad

Mezzo-soprano Gabrielle Dumkow, accompanied by Darren Saady

Classical music kid’s concert, written and performed by Shasta Ellenbogen & friends

Terry Riley, Sunrise of the Interplanetary Dream Collector (excerpt) special Classical Sundays performance

Incandescent, light and sound installation by Bruno Pocheron et al

Vivien Thiel, Action Man & Dr X exhibition

For Africa performance by Buutz

OKNO 49 Freeday/Freispiel

Friday 24th July

Music-performance by Chatschatur Kanajan with special appearance and performance by William Bilwa Costa, Katharina Bévand und Marie Takahashi

Chatschatur Kanajan is an excellent violinist and composer who dares to enter the realms of the unknown and unheard his compositions and improvisations never fail to reach brilliance. His intellectual, emotional and technical precision mixed with a relentless lust for the experimental makes him and his works unique.

MAD Magic Mads Parsum PoetryNoise

Friday 17th July

MAD Magic Mads Parsum PoetryNoise with Noise by Five Strings!

Benjamin Prasad Pant, violin
Edi Kotler, violin
Friedemann Slenczka, viola
Elisabet Iserte López, cello
Paul Wheatley, double bass

Concerts in the Wiesenburg Premiere

Wednesday 15th July

Concerts at the Wiesenburg is a series of concerts of classical music, performed by young, talented soloists from all over the world in this historic site.

Schubert: Quartet No. 13 in A minor, Rosamunde
Debussy: Quartet in G minor, op. 10
Elfa Rún Kristinsdottir, violin
Ling Show Lee, violin
Shasta Ellenbogen, viola
Wolf Hassinger, cello

Heavy Metal String Quartet

Friday 26th June

An amazing evening of original string music composed by Adam Goodwin.

Penelope Gkika (violin)
Shasta Ellenbogen (viola)
Amélie Legrand (cello)
Adam Goodwin (double bass)