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Exhibitions 2024

Mirror of Creation – Riptide

22.06. – 30.06.24

MOC Art Residency is a remote residency program and lab in which BIPOC female* & LGBTQIA+ artists and artisans between ages of 21 & 29 with migration background come together to create, collaborate, learn and exchange. We welcome and support artists at the earlier stages of their art practice and facilitate them to find their way in the art scene of Berlin.

With works by:
Lea Abena, Kardelen Ayhan, Jamila Barakat, Baharan Eghbalzadeh, Naomi Boima, Ezo, Zahra Gardi, Viktoriia Saltăr, Larisa Lugojan, Sam Madhu, Chie, Victoria Martinez, Nicol Navas Gomez, Marina Rayzuki, Lian Ryan, Hakan Sinan Usta, Inyeong Song, Yagé Qüinn Silvera Xué, Raras Umaratih, Ash Willison, Alungoo Xatan


12.04.- 21.05.2024

THREADSCAPES opens up new horizons in traditional spaces and invites visitors from the 12. to 21. April 2024 to rediscover the countless possibilities that lie in modern textile art. This exhibition is a celebration of creative evolution and an inspiring plea for the reinterpretation of traditional craftsmanship and its common connotations.

Adelina Sadrijaj (Kosovo)
Amrita Dhillon (India),
Tarfa Bachan (Syria/Germany)
Hồng Anh Nguyễn Hoa (Vietnam/Germany)