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Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin | A Room for the Arts in Berlin-Wedding

From April to November in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, we have a great series of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events for you.

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Current | Upcoming

10.07 – 5.09  NATURE OF NATURE  Thomas bo Henriksson
10.07 – 25.07  SPIROGRAPHS  collaboration between Thomas bo Henriksson and Valerie Inertie
10.07 – 25.07  COCOFLOW  Florian Geyer
31.07 -15.08  OKNO Chatschatur Kanajan
21.08 – 5.09  SKINNY HIGH RISE Katrin Hoffert
6.09 – 12.09 LES TEMPS DE MAIN 3 collaboration with Isabelle Schad & Laurent Goldring
18.09 – 3.10  PAINTINGS Arryn Snowball
9.10 – 31.10  VANREYBER Heather Allen, Sara Björnsdottir, Elizabeth Russell, Silke Thoss
6.11 – 28.11 MADE IN WERKHALLE WIESEBURG Artworks created in the Werkhalle 2017 – 2021

4.12 – 19.12  125 YEARS DIE WIESENBURG 13.12.1896

Our new series


starts Saturday 10th July!

Opening: from 6pm

with works by

Florian Geyer


10th – 25th July | Fri – Sat 12.00 – 18.00

On the 10th of July we start the series of REFLECTIONS.

A show within the show of artwork done in relation to or communication with the Wiesenburg and the Werkhalle.

Florian Geyer is a frequent visitor in the Wiesenburg with his dog “Buddy”.

Opening reception 10th July 6-9pm


Florian Geyer came to Wiesenburg the first time four years ago. Here, he started making his pastel drawings on book covers and continued making his coconut carvings. Florian Geyer’s fascination with the coconut came out his childhood love for Bounty, the coconut chocolate bar, and him staring at the strange nut on its cover.

After his brother gave him a dentist’s drill he started to sculpt and shape the coconut shells into magical forest spirits.


also on show in the Werkhalle:
pictures from a cooperation between

Thomas bo Henriksson and Valerie Inertie


together with paintings from Thomas bo Henriksson’s exhibition

Nature of Nature

Spirograph One and Two, oil on canvas, 180 x 180 cm, 2021

Inspired by Thomas Henriksson’s latest paintings, Cyr wheel master Valérie Inertie has teamed up with him for a new project. Here’s a video of their first creation – Spirograph One. Filmed in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg June 2021.

Valérie Inertie creating Sprirograph One

The History of the Wiesenburg

available in book form

On sale in the Werkhalle 10 euros or on Etsy 14,50 incl p.&p.
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