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Drawing: Tarfa Bachan

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Opening Hours:
Sat. – Sun. 1pm – 8pm

Wiesenstr. 55 | 13357 Berlin-Wedding

Dear Friends of Werkhalle Wiesenburg

2024 and onwards will see a restricted programme at Werkhalle Wiesenburg as renovations in the Wiesenburg have begun and are due to be completed by 2027.

As usual, our programme will be announced below and on our Facebook page – keep checking back. We look forward to seeing you!


Mirror of Creation



Mirror of Creation is a program of Art-Expression Workshops specified for women* of migration backgrounds based in Berlin. With the aim of expressing, self-reflecting and free connectivity through the medium of art, Mirror of of Creation projects offer a creative & safe environment in which women meet to challenge social and personal suppressions and shed expectations to create art together. They share their thoughts and experiences in a visual and verbal format within a group setup.

Participating artists to be announced.



Chastschatur Kanajan – Intermediale Performance

Every Wednesday| 20.00

Violinist Chatschatur’s regular Wednesday evening performance of his OKNO series



TIP article June 2023

Constanze Suhr

“Paintings from Sweden are on display in the former WIESENBURG homeless shelter..”

Thomas Bo Henriksson and the Werkhalle Wiesenburg


“It happens. A visit to the Werkhalle Wiesenburg
Thomas bo Henriksson’s studio has been a magnet for the independent art scene since the existence of the complex was threatened…”

Article on Thomas Bo Henriksson and the Werkhalle Wiesenburg by Elizabeth Wirth in Kaleidoskop on TAZ Blogs (German)

English text here

The History of the Wiesenburg

now available in book form

On sale in the Werkhalle 10 euros or on Etsy 14.50 incl. shipping