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From April to November in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, we have a great series of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events for you.
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The Mystic and the Carpenter

Abd EL R. Hashmat Mohamed and Peter Rintsch



The exhibition is open until further notice

Thursday – Sunday 12.00 – 18.00


In 1986, Abd El R. Hashmat Mohamed and Peter Rintsch met in a joinery in Kreuzberg.
The Egyptian biophysicist Hashmat, who was obsessed with mathematics and Egyptian mythology, had lived in Berlin since 1977 and studied nuclear engineering. For three years, he had been building a gigantic bed in his one-room flat in Sonnenallee where he had first dreamt of the Pharaoh Snofru.
In 1983, he visited the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt and there, after bribing a guard, he spent 36 hours in the King’s Chamber. In the dreams he had there, the Pharaoh Snofru came to him and showed him a fantastic pharaoh’s bed, a “lost treasure”. Back in Berlin he had more dreams, broke off his nuclear engineering studies and made the construction of the “lost treasure” his life’s work. But Hashmat was not a carpenter, he had reached his limits and was not getting any further. Then he met Peter.
Peter Rintsch had been building furniture in the Black Forest since his childhood. He moved to Berlin in 1985 after completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter. As his interest in extraordinary furniture design drove him to deepen his knowledge, he was immediately fascinated by the charisma and visions of the mystic Hashmat. Thus began a collaboration that was supported by a telepathic, almost wordless understanding and a deep intuitive connection. Together they completed the Pharaoh’s bed and began to realise more of Hashmat’s 41 dream visions. In the following ten years, he created a large, moving teleporter pyramid as well as ten further objects, which can now be seen in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg.

Peter and Hashmat realised their dreams, their DREAMWORKS, together and gave them to US!

Thanks, Peter (1965-2019)
Thanks, Hashmat (1950-2007)


In Correspondence
a new series of works in dialogue with Dreamworks


# 1 Britta Lipka – SINGLE

Art arises from the love for materials

Britta Lipka - Einfarbig

Britta Lipka and Peter Rintsch met in 1996 and lived together for over 20 years.

At the beginning of this time she discovered the art of mosaic making while renovating her apartment together. Since then, she has been intensively engaged in this art form and has developed a very personal minimalist language at the intersection of craftsmanship and art.


#2 Vivian Thiel – Action Man & Dr X

30.07 – 09.08.2020

Art arises from dreams and artists from the passionate occupation with the dreamed.

Vivian Thiel- Action Man & Dr X

In 1996 Vivian Thiel, born in 1990, began collecting action figures. “In the beginning I had to steal them from my brother, I only ever got these stupid Barbies.” Her first figure was a Power-Ranger. Since 2002, she has been collecting Action Man characters and now owns over 200 different figures. Vivian Thiel appreciates the invincible Dr X the most, a mad scientist and the most dangerous criminal mastermind in the world, who returns stronger after every lost fight. “The bad guys are always looking cooler,” is her rationale. The artist does not only see her characters as collectors’ items, for her they are at the same time companions, protectors, sources of inspiration and power. Thiel lives with them, gives them a very special identity through their outfits, which she designs herself with artistic creativity following the example of Dr X, and makes their world come alive for us. “Dr X is back!”
In her installation, Vivian Thiel shows her figures in public for the first time. Her exhibition can be seen from 30.07. – 09.08.2020 or until Vivian Thiel needs her superheroes at her side again.










Shasta and her fellow musicians are performing each Sunday in the Werkhalle

Sunday, 16 August 2020 at 20:00

Classical Sundays presents Brahms G Minor Piano Quartet!!
Exact line up TBC

Doors open at 19.00, concert starts on time at 20.00


No entry after start of concert

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