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From April to November in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, we have a great series of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events for you.

We also collaborate on multi-media events with our fellow Wiesenburgers
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Final Event for 2021

Entry with 2G + Mask

19.12.21 | CLOUD CHAMBER BERLIN/NRW, Untersequenz : Live Installation – Concert
Please Note: Due to changing Covid situation, the planned 125 Years of the Wiesenburg exhibition and related events has been postponed until Spring 2022

Sonntag 19.12.21 | 8pm

Cloud Chamber Berlin/NRW

Untersequenz : Live Installation – Concert

The new work “Untersequenz” was created after this time of breaking with routine and constant tension and adjustment. A piece that deals with the sensitivity of sounds, the specialisation of sounds and the feeling of losing time in the action. This work is developed by Cloud Chamber and directed by composer and performer Emilio Gordoa. Cloud ChamberBerlin/NRW is an ensemble founded in 2019 that brings together strong voices from the fields of improvisation and experimental music.

BILIANA VOUTCHKOVA (violin) | IGNAZ SCHICK (turntable, electronics) | ELISABETH COUDOUX (violoncello) | EMILIO GORDOA (vibraphone) | ACHIM ZEPEZAUER (electronics) | ETIENNE NILLESEN (snare) | FLORIAN WALTER (saxophone, tubax, hechtyphon) | CARL LUDWIG HÜBSCH (tuba)

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The History of the Wiesenburg

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