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From April to November, Thomas bo Henriksson opens his studio in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, to present a great series of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events for you.

We also collaborate on multi-media events with our fellow Wiesenburgers
Tanzhalle Wiesenburg

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Thomas bo Henriksson

will be using the Werkhalle as his studio until September.

Studio open days when visitors are welcome Saturdays and Sundays 12.00 – 18.00:

May 28 / 29
June 25 / 26
July 30 / 31
August 27 / 28


Saturday 18th June 2022


Military in my Life

Chatschatur Kanajan

The military shaped my childhood and youth. My family’s history is also interwoven in a very confusing way with the two world wars and other armed conflicts of the 20th century. Growing up and, even more so, my move to Berlin at the age of 19 shifted the military into the realm of unreflected childhood memories on the one hand and towards a critical examination of current news on the other. Both poles as marginal phenomena of our everyday life flicker in our seemingly peaceful society between critical rejection and unhealthy interest in violence. With an audio-visual approach to this delicate topic, I try to connect a quasi-autobiographical landscape with the general topography of the militants, as I did with detuned home – my last performance at PANDA. Among others, Heinrich Biber’s Battaglia and excerpts from The Soldier’s Tale by Igor Stravinsky will be performed.

This project was created in September 2021 and was first performed on 24.09 at the Panda Theatre, exactly 5 months before Putin’s perfidious and senseless attack on Ukraine. I am deliberately not going into these events, as otherwise I could only sit in silence with my head bowed in front of the audience.

Chatschatur Kanajan

Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June 2022


A  Cloud Chamber :::: Berlin/nrw Audio-Visual Transductions
sound installation

Opening: Friday 24th 18.00 – 22.00
Saturday 25th: 12.00 – 21.00
Sunday 26th: 12.00 – 15.00

The new work Untersequenz I.II was created after this time of breaking with routine and constant tension and adjustment dealing with the sensitivity of sounds and its specialisation. An audio-visual embodiment developed by Cloud Chamber Berlin/NRW and directed by composer, sound artist and percussionist Emilio Gordoa. A unique display of sound and videos by: Biliana Voutchkova, Ignaz Schick, Elisabeth Coudoux, Achim Zepezauer, Etienne Nillesen, Florian Walter, Emilio Gordoa and Carl Ludwig Hübsch. 

Sunday 26th June


Classical Sundays x Protean Quartet

Classical Sundays is back at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg featuring our guests the Protean Quartet!

Joseph Haydn,
Josquin des Prez & Franz Schubert

The lineup:
Javier Aguilar Bruno &
Edi Kotler (violins)
Ricardo Gil Sanchez (viola)
Clara Rada Gomez (cello)

Tickets available online or at the door – 10€ /7 € reduced

Tanzhalle and Werkhalle Wiesenburg

present their

Summer Festival 2022


Friday 1st July 

17:00-17.45 | meet me in the garden: a guided tasting with Daniel Salomon | GARTEN TANZHALLE
18:00-20:00 | Isabelle Schad: The Shift of Focus | TANZHALLE
20:00-21:00 | drinks und vegetarian buffet
21:00 | Richard Arame Band (concert) | GARTEN TANZHALLE

Saturday 2nd July

17:00-17.45 | meet me at the garden: a guided tasting with Daniel Salomon GARTEN TANZHALLE
18:00-20:00 | Isabelle Schad: The Shift of Focus | TANZHALLE
21:00 | Thomas Henriksson and Chatschatur Kanajan: GELBBLAU (performance) | WERKHALLE
22:00 |
DJ Black-Panther & White Tiger | WERKHALLE

Sunday 3rd July

16:00-16:45 | meet me at the garden: Open Practice Session mit Isabelle Schad | GARTEN TANZHALLE
17:00-19:00 | Isabelle Schad: The Shift of Focus | TANZHALLE
19:00-20:00 | drinks und vegetarian buffet
20:00 | Classical Sunday with Shasta Ellenbogen | WERKHALLE

Alexander Glazunov – Suite for String Quartet Op. 35 (1887-91)
The Sun, the Lovers and The Death – Compositions by Shasta Ellenbogen

Tanzhalle & Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Wiesenstrasse 55 , Wedding, 13357 Berlin

All events are for free. A donation of 5-10 € is welcome. Limited places available for The Shift of Focus. Please register at: info@isabelle-schad.net

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