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Werkhalle Wiesenburg Opening Hours:
Sat. – Sun. 1pm – 8pm

Wiesenstr. 55 | 13357 Berlin-Wedding

From April to November, Thomas Bo Henriksson opens his studio in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin, to present a great series of art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events for you.

We also collaborate on multi-media events with our fellow Wiesenburgers, Tanzhalle Wiesenburg.


Faces and Voices – Self-perception Now

LEIZE JENIUS presents an exhibition/performances

25.11.202316.00 till late

Our self-perception in image and sound has experienced a radical intensification in recent decades through the conquest of all kinds of mobile communication machines. Video calls have become part of everyday life. Never before have we been exposed to so many faces of others and especially our own. We have become accustomed to studying our face at leisure, finding a perfect position of the head just before we want to capture a selfie. Voice messages make us hear our voice more and more often, most of the time we don’t like it.

Has this changed our social appearance, especially facial expressions and voice? Are we trying to present ourselves more favourably, nicer, smarter and cooler?

Participating Artists:

Thomas Bo Henriksson (SE) Lev Khesin (DE) Arryn Snowball (AU) Pakhom (DE) Chatschatur Kanajan (DE) Heather Allen (UK/DE) Leonid Sokhranski (DE) Ricardo Wende (BO) Sarah Woelker (DE) Wolf Son (DE) Wilhelmine Horschig (DE) Rebecca Sprague (DE) Mads Parsum (DK)


Our events have finished for 2023. See you again next year!


TIP article June 2023

Constanze Suhr

“Paintings from Sweden are on display in the former WIESENBURG homeless shelter..”

Thomas Bo Henriksson and the Werkhalle Wiesenburg


“It happens. A visit to the Werkhalle Wiesenburg
Thomas bo Henriksson’s studio has been a magnet for the independent art scene since the existence of the complex was threatened…”

Article on Thomas Bo Henriksson and the Werkhalle Wiesenburg by Elizabeth Wirth in Kaleidoskop on TAZ Blogs (German)

English text here

The History of the Wiesenburg

now available in book form

On sale in the Werkhalle 10 euros or on Etsy 14.50 incl. shipping