Classical Sundays 2018

The Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet presents another series of wonderful performances.

The IWQ features an ever-changing lineup of talented string players and has only one rehearsal to convey the exciting feeling of flying by the seat of your pants every time.

Classical Sundays 2018 - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Werkhalle Wiesenburg presents: Classical Sundays in Artloft Berlin

From November the IWO will play in Artloft Berlin.
We look forward to welcoming them back in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg in April 2019!

Artloft Berlin, Gerichtsstraße 23, 13347 Berlin-Wedding

7th October

The Irresistible Wiesenburg Orchestra – Divertimento for Strings BB188

Béla Bartók wrote Divertimento for Strings very quickly over 15 days between 2-17 August 1939 in Saanen, Switerland, while he and his wife were guests of Paul Sacher, a distinguished philanthropist and a conductor of insatiable musical curiosity, who in 1929 at the age of 20 founded the Basel Chamber Orchestra and set about commissioning works from leading composers.

Violin: Marketa Janouskova, Ling Show Lee, John Robinson Young, Eva Sarcletti, Olga Caceanova
Viola: Shasta Ellenbogen, Dilhan Kantas
Cello: Marie Claire Schlameus, Liron Yariv
Bass: Adam Goodwin

The evening began with a beautiful rendition of her father’s composition by Marketa Janouskova.

26th August

What better way to end two great festival days than with The Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet!

Sheila Jaffe  – violin
Ling Show Lee – violin
Shasta Ellenbogen – viola
Mischa Meyer – cello

playing Beethoven – Rasumovsky Quartet and Tchaikovsky Quartet

12th August

Another beautiful performance from The Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet.

The evening started with Bach’s Suite for Solo Cello no. 6 in D major Prelude by Shasta Ellenbogen.

This week clarinettist, Noam Carmon joined

Amane Horie – violin
Ling-Show Lee – violin
Shasta Ellenbogen – viola
Natasha Jaffe – cello

to perform Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet.

Shasta | Bach Cello Suite Nr. 6 Prelude

Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet – excerpts

22nd July

The quartet performed Langsamer Satz from Webern and Schumann‘s Quartet in A Minor during the Skogsbilder exhibition by Joakim Heidvall.

Chatstchatur Kanajan – violin
Ling-Show Lee – violin
Shasta Ellenbogen – viola
Lilia Keyes – cello

This week they were joined by the duo, Apokeepsing. Rachel Susser (flute) and Lilia Keyes (cello) who performed their latest project, Immediacy:Unmittelbarkeit. The 45-minute program, which is inspired by the writings of Heinrich Jacoby, Elsa Gindler, and others, interleaves classical compositions with improvisation and spoken word (English and German), and is part of an ongoing collaboration between flautist Rachel Susser and cellist Lillia Keyes. This engaging yet introspective synthesis of music and text invites listeners to reflect on questions of embodiment, instinct, self-awareness and trust.

Marcel from Iran also gave a short performance.

IWQ | Langsamer Satz by Webern

Chatschatur & Shasta | Brahms intermezzo op 119 no 3


Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Classical Sundays - Apokeepsing


8th July

The quartet, with new guest Lilia Keyes on cello, play Schubert during the Skogsbilder exhibition by Joakim Heidvall.

Chatstchatur Kanajan – violin
Ling-Show Lee – violin
Shasta Ellenbogen – viola
Lilia Keyes – cello

24th June

This evening’s delight from the Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet – Puccini’s Chrysanthemum

Leo Thouvenin-Mason, violin
Ling Show Lee, violin
Shasta Ellenbogen, viola
Marie Claire Schlameus, cello

20th May

Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

An evening of ‘balm for the soul’ from The Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet, our resident highly-talented, professional musicians. For this performance the quartet became a quintet to play Mozart’s Quintet in G minor K. 516

Chatschatur Kanajan, violin
Marketa Janouskova, violin
Shasta Ellenbogen, viola
Dilhan Kantas, viola
Marie Claire Schlameus, cello

Guests were also treated to a beautiful cello solo from Marie Claire Schlameus.

6th May

Once again, beautiful renditions of contemporary pieces for a string quartet from The Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet.

Anna Eichholz, violin
Simon Goff, violin
Shasta Ellenbogen, viola
Alice Dixon, cello

The Irresistible Wiesenburg Quartet - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

15th April 

Mia Bodet 1st violin
Simon Goff 2nd violin
Shasta Ellenbogen viola
Marie Claire Schlameus cello

Mia Bodet 

Borodin Quartet  #2, 3rd Movement, excerpt – full performance here

Bodet Quartet, excerpt 

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