Wilder Garten Creation Castle

1st – 24th June 2018

The Wilder Garten Creation Castle is an immersive group exhibition, interactive co-creation space, and performance hall dedicated to interdisciplinary, collaborative creation of art and music, various workshops, and performances.

Wilder Garten - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Exhibition open

2nd June 12.00 – 24.00 | 3rd June 12.00 – 20.00

9th & 10th | 16th & 17th | 23rd & 24th June 12.00 – 18.00

see below for upcoming events

Take part in our month long exhibition of artists at Berlin’s historic cultural centre, Die Wiesenburg, beautifully nestled along the Panke in Berlin-Wedding. The opening weekend is your opportunity to join in the collective creation led by talented local and international artists. Open-stage jam sessions, performances, workshops, and presentations by musical, artistic and other special guests will also be on offer each weekend of the show.

Participating artists include Diala BrisleySophia MeloneMuffe & PrankeSevgi SarginThomas Henriksson, Emil Holmer, Sarah Woelker, Haruka Sasaki and Heather Allen.

Wilder Garten Creation Castle Day 1

CoOp 3×3 – Sophia Schama, Thomas Bo Henriksson and Emil Holmer collaborating on 3 paintings

Wilder Garten performance – excerpt

June 23rd | Prose in Berlin

 6pm – midnight

Prose in Berlin & Wilder Garten are two cultural organisations that are co-creating an event at Werkhalle Wiesenburg, blending genres and styles of arts, to foster the emergence of new and creative ideas.

For all of those who show some interest in the arts, of any kind, and want to experience them in an unusual way, Prose in Berlin x Wilder Garten @werkhallewiesenburg was the event for you.

June 18th | Elektro-acoustic concert

Monday, 24th June. Excerpts from the two sets in electro-acoustic concert. Michael Thieke: clarinet, Roy Carroll: electro-acoustic media and Richard Scott: analogue synthesiser, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: trombone and Dag Magnus Narvesen: drums.

Roy Carroll and Michael Thieke

Richard Scott, Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø and Dag Magnus Narvesen

June 17th | Hartyáni Gábor – Solo Cello

 6 – 9pm

“Travelling within yourself: is travelling the whole universe.” – Sándor Weöres

Sharing an inner journey by thriving to create an ever shifting meditative and psychedelic trance flow, cellist, Hartyáni Gábor is guiding an evening of “trancemutation” based on his original compositions, world music and the inspiration of the moment.”

June 16th | Sound * Movement * Painting

Live Experience at Wilder Garten 8 – 10pm

Let us invite you for an interdisciplinary journey through the sound of the cello, movement of the body and the mesmerizing visuals of a live painting unfolding in the moment.

Stefania Petracca is a contemporary dancer, performer and dance-teacher.
Hartyáni Gábor is an unorthodox cellist, venturing between genres including free improvisation, jazz and world music as he keeps on (re)searching, observing and experimenting as part of his commitment to constant development.
Daichi Matsusaki )
pop spiritual painter

Wilder Garten - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin
Wilder Garten - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin
Wilder Garten - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

14. Juni | Sumi-e


Live Painting: Haruka Sasaki

Sound: Günter Heinz (Trombone/Flute) & Haruhiko Okabe (Hichiriki/Saxophone)

Wilder Garten - Haruka Sasaki -Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin
Wilder Garten - Haruka Sasaki - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin
Wilder Garten - Haruka Sasaki - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

9th June | Lucid Satanama Dynasty

Live + Jam Session

Psychedelic and oriental atmospheres with the melodies created by the combination of Oriental Percussions, Santur, Cellos, Oud, Flutes, Violin, Guitars and more…

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