Joakim Heidvall

6th – 29th July 2018


FINISSAGE 28th 5 – 9pm


Opening with music from

Chatschatur Kanajan
Shasta Ellenbogen
Analogue Romance


Exhibition open each Sa. und Sun. 12 – 6pm

and by appointment.

Skogsbilder - Joakim Heidvall, Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

“When painting with the easel in the forest, it is essential to find a place with relatively flat land to stand on. Proper lighting conditions are also crucial. You do not want to have direct sunlight on or behind the canvas, but also not to stand under shady foliage that tints the light green. It is also good if it is deserted.

When I find a place that meets these criteria, I look around for a functional motif. It can be a curved branch or an attention-grabbing tree trunk, but a collection of branches will also serve my purpose.

The motif is really only secondary. I use it to find the angles for the underlying sketch and just look at it now and again in the process. However, the motif is there to refer to if necessary.

With the forest as a background, I temporarily detach myself from conscious thoughts and actions. It enables me to work bolder, without my becoming attached to individual parts of the painting. In this way, I can rearrange the composition and change the drawing and colours quickly and without hesitation until the picture works. The fast tempo makes most of the decisions happen subconsciously and creates a situation where I can allow myself to channel influences and references, mainly from modernist painting traditions in this case, so that they are incorporated within the impressions of the nature around me.

To replicate the act of going out and painting in the woods as so many have done in the past thus becomes a way for me to examine and assimilate modernist painting’s history and practice on an intuitive level.”

Joakim Heidvall

Supported by the Swedish Grants Committee

Werkhalle Wiesenburg - Skogsbilder

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