Ozren Olbina

Off the Grid

4th – 27th May 2018


Opening | Friday 4th May 6 -9pm

with a performances from

OKNO with Martin Lau and Thomas Bo Henriksson

and music from

Straight Out Strange
Wilder Garten

Ozren Olbina - Off the Grid - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

These paintings by Ozren Olbina, a riotous mix of pictorial languages and materials, are being shown together for the first time.

Well versed in the traditions of painting, Olbina sees no point in painting only to accept its limits. For him, order is only order when it is closest to transforming into chaos. Emotion is only real when common sense is pushed to its limit, the one opening up only at the expense of the other.
The result? The paintings look as if they want to break the frame and free themselves of being themselves – or implode.

After creating these paintings between 2009 and 2011, Ozren Olbina went OFF THE GRID and has not painted since.

Ozren Olbina is a Serbian expressionist painter. He was born in the former Yugoslavia, where he lived for only a few years. War led to an exodus Рfirst to Germany, and later Canada. After completing his Masters degree at Ontario College of Art and Design, he moved to Berlin where he made these paintings.

The exhibition opening featured sound/installation/video performances from OKNO (Chatschatur Kanajan) with Martin Lau and Thomas Bo Henriksson.

Straight Out Strange performed a set of their own songs followed by Wilder Garten – our resident jammers. Joe Wiesenburger’s remarkable voice provided a poetic interlude.

OKNO/Chatschatur Kanajan and Thomas Bo Henriksson

sound/installation/video performance

Straight Out Strange

“On the Road”

Straight Out Strange

“She’s the World”

Wilder Garten

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