Zwanzig Sommer

6th – 29th October 2017


Matthias Reinmuth


opening with live music from
Tom Arthurs – trumpet
Chatschatur Kanajan – violin
Mikklomania – Berlin post-progessive crossover rock band

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Matthias Reinmuth - 20 Sommer

‘Matthias Reinmuth’s canvases are wide open, space and time are lifted and gravity appears only on their edges, where they break down into the real volume of the showroom. Spherical or ethereal, gestural and apparently liquid, colour is applied in several layers. Narratives resolve and at the same time one searches for a physical hold. Mind seeks body – body seeks mind. Western philosophy always struggles with the being of a person divided in body and soul and the question of how they are connected with each other. This could be this hinge from which from the world, knowledge and the senses originated.’

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