Malen mit Gefühl…

27th June – 1st July 2018

Anna Christin Dumkow


Exhibition open | Sa. 30th June and Sun. 1st July  12 – 6pm

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - exhibitions

Anna Christin Dumkow has devoted a large part of her life to the preservation and revival of the Wiesenburg. In the exhibition “Malen mit Gefühl” the Werkhalle Wiesenburg presents a large selection of paintings created during more than 20 years in Wiesenstraße 55. Anna is the good soul and grand lady of the Wiesenburg. Her pictures are now being presented for the first time to the public, which means a lot to her because the Wiesenburg is her home.

Her colourful and lively compositions between landscape impressions and abstract expression, create an inspiring repertoire, which convinces through its versatility.

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