LEIZE JENIUS in the Wiesenburg

3rd – 25th November 2017


Thomas Henriksson (SE)
Turbo Jambon  (FR)
Lev Khesin (DE)
Daniel Bragin (UK)
Maria Marshall (UK)
Heather Allen (UK/DE)
Maarten Kools (NL)
Veniamin & Mikhail Kazachenko (NL)
Anton Laiko (DE)
Natalia Fentisova (DE)
Angelique Panday (NL)
Pakhom (RU/DE)
Leonid Sokhranski (DE)
Chatschatur Kanajan (RU/DE)
Igor Wolfson (RU/DE)

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Leize Jenius in the Wiesenburg

Performance, live music, installation, video, photography


LEIZE JENIUS is Igor Wolfson (founder, RU), the Kazachenko Brothers (NL) and Anton Laiko (RU), who curate exhibitions for a changing group of artists, musicians and performers.

“A young art platform, LEIZE JENIUS is celebrating 3 years. In this period of time we held 12 exhibitions. In the upcoming 13th exhibition we are going to show the essential together with the new. The platform was created in 2014 as a collaborative effort between Berlin and Amsterdam-based artists. We are inspired by the Fluxus movement. We enjoy discussing, defining and raising important questions concerning the society and ourselves, and performatively think about the role of art in society. This time the exhibition will be held at an intriguing location; a cultural centre of Berlin –  Die Wiesenburg, a 19th century former charitable organisation and shelter for the homeless.

“We are an experiment in search of its very own predestination. The prevailing question mark, defying the tendencies within contemporary art.”

Photos: Gregory Garn

Angelique Panday – Parrot Take, audio installation


Chatschatur Kanajan & Igor Wolfson – OP

Chatschatur Kanajan – Weapon of Choice

full performance here

Turbo Jambon – Turbotetris

Veniamin Kazachenko & Carina Erdmann – Untitled

Dennis Tuomi – Music: OP.1 Nr.1

full video performance here

Igor Wolfson – Music for the Deaf

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