Eine Berlinerin war die Mutter des Gedankens…

The History of the Wiesenburg


8th & 9th September 2018



Curated by Heather Allen

Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Exhibitions - Eine Mutter war...

Eine Berlinerin war die Mutter des Gedankens…

A special exhibition for 2 Tage Wedding and Tag des offenen Denkmals 2018.

The exhibition highlighted aspects of the rich history of this special place through its existence as a homeless shelter, film set, munitions production site and potato storage up to its current cultural activities. An architectural model of the planned development of the Wiesenburg by degewo was included in the exhibition.

There were three guided tours per day with the opportunity to enter the currently closed-off mens’ collection hall and the garden.

We would like to thank degewo for supporting this exhibition.


Werkhalle Wiesenburg

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