CapTar 5

September 26th 2018

Experimental Performance


Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin in collaboration with Artloft Berlin

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CapTar is a project organized by Emilio Gordoa in collaboration with artists from Mexico, Spain and Berlin building on the concept of parallelisms of abstract aesthetics combining different forms of art in a collective scenic experience. A constellation of artist with skills to create compositions using hidden dialogues between performance, visual arts, dance, and experimental music through the language of improvisation and composed structures.

CapTar 5 is a collaboration between the Werkhalle Wiesenburg and Artloft Berlin and was performed in Artloft Berlin, Gerichtstr. 23, Wedding.

Georgina Rodriguez Coutiño(visuals)
Lena Czerniawska (visuals)
Ingo Reulecke (dance)
Lorena Izquierdo (performance)
Tristan Honsinger (cello)
Klaus Kürvers (double bass)
Samuel Hall (percussion)
Emlio Gordoa (percussion)
Emilio Gordoa Salazar (percussion)

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