Bone Zeno &

Das Flüff

29th September 2017

live performance in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg
with burlesque acts:
Viva Lamore

Martini Cherry Futter

Events - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Bone Zeno & Das Flüff Concert / Konzert

Bone Zeno and Das Flüff 

Bone Zeno combines Berlin Krautrock, Avant-garde inspirations and Teutonic-edged vocal with primal, tangible demeanour. As an artist, he sums up the complexities of music, noise and frenzied stimuli, reaching at times into dark mental recesses. The result is troubled yet rousing and delivered with a dose of humour; an art rock baroque frenzy.’

Bryony | louder than war

Bone Zeno on youtube | soundcloud | website | facebook

Das Fluff are an Electro-Pop outfit specialising in the dark, stark and sensual. Adding punk edge to the surging beats of Numan and Depeche Mode-inspired electro, with a bit of Throbbing Gristle chucked in for good measure, front woman, Dawn Lintern, delivers her raw and laid bare lyrics with a snarl that draws you in while pushing you away.’

Martin-John | hitthefloor

Das Flüff on youtube | facebook

 Viva Lamore

‘Inspired by everything from Hollywood glam to Japanese kitsch, Viva Lamore‘s witty comedic routines cavort at the crossroads of theatre, burlesque, and a really wild party. Expect more than the usual curves!‘

Martini Cherry Furter

‘Martini Cherry Furter is combining cabaret and drag in fiery ways, literally setting herself on fire all over Europe.’

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