Bone Zeno 

‘Black Milk’

1st June 2017

‘Avant-garde blues outlaw Bone Zeno is a one-man firestorm of insistent beats and growling guitar riffs as gritty as broken glass in a gutter.’

with burlesque acts
Viva Lamore 

Martini Cherry Furter

Events - Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin - Bone Zeno in the Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin

Bone Zeno Black Milk 


Fantastic live performance for the release of BONE ZENO’s album, BLACK MILK. A high-energy evening of wild music, gritty vocals and dancing.

“A kick-ass one-man-blues-terror-band kept for far too long in a damp basement in London’s Murder Mile where he developed an angry Delta-Punk… You have to see it to fully experience the force of this return of Trash Blues.” –Last FM

“With his Tom Waits growl, he delivers rasping blues good enough to make you question whether it really is a spent force…”
– Artocker Magazine

Go get the album!!!

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